Blauw Gras - the social content agency of the Netherlands

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Blauw Gras is a social content agency with the creativity of a playmaker, the mentality of a road hog and the fun of a team of friends. That's how we conquer the hearts ❤️ (and likes 👍) from all of our fans!

Our playing field?📲

Creative and effective social content. Always on, formats & campagnes.

Our ambition?🎯

Content that strikes. Remarkable, recognizable & relevant.

Our quality?👀

Building brands from culture. We know what's going on.

Our goal?👯‍♀️

Let social media excel within the complete mix of media resources.

Our tactic?🚀

The right message, to the right person, at the right moment.

Our setup?💙

Well-trained creatives, timeline captains, 9:16 videovedettes, motion warriors and rush goalies.

Our trophy cabinet?🏆

Full, but not yet full enough

The third half?🍻

Always a home game

Blauw Gras is an Ace agency. Meet the family: This is Ace

Curious about our latest work? Check out our showreel.

Check out our new office at the Houthavens!

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  • Danzigerkade 15
  • 1013 AP Amsterdam
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