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More than just health care!

We made in collaboration with Anderzorg, experts and millennials a podcast with relevant health care themes which contribute to awareness. Anderzorg is a health insurer who is always looking – in dialogue with their clients – for custom made solutions to make life easier.


Podcasts are booming, especially with millianials. That’s one of the reasons why this is a perfect way to reach the target audience of Anderzorg. We want to share informative content; but what is the best way? A podcast gives you room for thought and commitment with your brand.

Of course, you can share a lot of information in a podcast, but you can also involve the listener with your brand for over more than 15 minutes!

In the titles of our podcasts we are referring to the issues which millennials struggle with. We want to make the listener aware of all the realistic issues in our life, issues like a burn-out or constant beep in your ears.

Listen to our podcasts (Dutch only):

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