Glow Up met PUMA: The Future is Female

PUMA challenged us to create a Benelux campaign to give the new RS-Curve sneakers for women an extra spark. The concept from the global campaign that was given to us, was ‘Glow Up’. Since every woman can use an extra ‘boost to Glow up’ every once in a while, we developed a TikTok campaign with the corresponding pay-off: The Future is Female.

Women support women

The women support women mentality is more important than ever right now, so we decided to work together with powerful female TikTok creators. They posted inspiring and motivating videos on the platform, all with the same message: The Future is Female. Beau Potman took the lead and by duetting, the other creators Lieke, Quinty, Yazzminaa and Maxime & Sophie, could get to work with the same concept.


The goal of the campaign was to create impact, awareness, engagement and traffic. And it worked! TikTok is the best platform to stand out, impress people and make your voice matter. The numbers confirm this:

Impressions: 2.363.664

Reach: 673.382

Engagement: 8,8%

Clicks: 13.439

CPC: €0,07

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