McDriver - impactful social first campaign during covid-19 lockdown

If the fan can't come to McDonald's, then they'll come to you!

It’s March 2020 when the global pandemic hits. In the Netherlands (as with the rest of the world) everything stops, and goes into lockdown. Luckily the Dutch McDonald’s restaurants keep on operating, but there is one rule: your tasty favourites are only available via drive-through. It makes sense – access to the McDonald’s classic’s, from the safety of your own car…. but what if you don’t have access to a car?!

Via social media, the fans of the food chain let McDonald’s know much they were missing all their favourite foods. So, within a few weeks of the lockdown, the world’s first McDriver was launched. A special Nederlands-wide service offering a personal chauffeur to pick you up and take you through the drive-through, in a completely safe and corona-proof vehicle. Meaning even those without access to a car could still get some McLoving!


The campaign had mindblowing results. News spread quickly in more than 12 free publications, valued at almost €20.000. We reached over 7 million people, and over 12.000 people entered for a chance to be selected to take the McDrive of their life. Every social media tool on the market was used, resulting in 83.271 social interactions.

Everybody wanted a ride to get their own piece of the pie… or in this case, the Big Mac. 🍟🚀

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