Galaxy man: a TikTok-launch on asteroids

You only have one chance to claim your space on TikTok, so the launch must hit like a comet!

To the stars and beyond ✨

To reach the new generation of smartphone owners, the big question for brands is: how do you set foot safely on their planet? With content that meets up to the expectations and experiences of the target audience. First of all, trust is gained through a thoughtful roadmap. In this way, the channel won’t only fly on the short-term, but it will also remain a valuable channel in the future.

Well-known creators, influencers and peers created outstanding TikToks, together with a mysterious creator: Galaxy Man. The mystery took on otherworldly forms. When the buzz reached its peak and the target audience embraced Galaxy Man, he was launched on the Samsung channel.

Love is in the kosmos ❤️

The views go through the roof! The GalaxyDance, exclusively composed for TikTok, reached almost 58.000 likes and 1.8 million views in just one day. Now that the trust is gained, the mysterious Galaxy Man returns on TikTok regularly. Always-on, with the same mission: offer Gen Z the tools and inspiration needed to lift their creativity to a new galaxy. That may be a small step for Galaxy Man, but a giant leap for the new generation of creators.

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