Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

This one is for the real fans, Gen-Z, or should we say: the creators generation. The most important tool in their lives? Their mobile phone. But how do you reach these young social expressers? By making a campaign about their passions in which they play the main character.

Schermafbeelding 2021 05 17 om 11 32 08

The video’s consist of fast-cut fandom assets in which the passions of the target audience are highlighted. We made a specific edit for each channel. Not only the format fitted these channels, but also the theme. For example, we created a gaming edit for Twitch and vertical video’s for TikTok.

The icing on the cake of this campaign was a full body tracking lens on Snapchat. And not just an ordinary one: the first full body tracking lens in the Netherlands! The graphics in the Pantone colors of the S20 FE ran through the whole campaign like a thread.

Last but not least, we launched Instant Experiences as a smart workaround to cover up for the absence of local web pages. A smooth landing in the sales phase!


Reach: 1.680.000

Cost per view: €0.03

Playtime Body Tracking Lens: 1,5x above benchmark

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