Samsung Galaxy S21

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is the one and only starting point for today’s creators due to its unique camera features. By taking a close look at the culture and trends that move the target audience, we took a deep dive into the world of Gen-Z and Millennials with this campaign. The camera played the main part and offered creators the opportunity to share their perspective on the world. Together with Studio Beng Beng, we created the hero video almost completely inhouse. Popular trends among the target audience, such as the #RenaissanceChallenge and Phone Drop edits, couldn’t be excluded from the video.

We created a Snaplens for the campaign to highlight the unique Vlogger View function that makes the selfie-camera and front-camera turn simultaneously. And of course we couldn’t forget about TikTok: we advertised with native content that fitted the hero video, but was created specifically for the platform. Last but not least, the consumer landed on a locally built sales page that was in line with the style of the campaign.

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