Bavaria #freeforcarnival campaign

There isn’t a moment Dutch southeners live up to more than the yearly tradition of Carnival. But… Since it’s not an official national holiday, they have to spend their well earned holiday allowance in order to celebrate the biggest party of the year! But don’t worry, southern brewer Bavaria is here to do something ‘bout that.


Bavaria is a proud brewer from Southern region of the Netherlands. Over the past years, while Bavaria was busy expanding its activities worldwide, the brand lost its connection somewhat with their homebase. Time to change that!


Every year the Southern regions of the Netherlands celebrate Carnival. A common feature of carnival is social satire and playful mockery of authorities. However, since only the South celebrates Carnival, it’s not a national holiday. People who want to celebrate Carnival need to ask for unpaid time off from work. Not fair!


Bavaria decided to take a stand on behalf of all Southeners: let’s declare Carnival as national holidays! We used our democratic right and started a political petition, a citizens’ initiative. The goal: get 40.000 people to sign the petition, so the parliament has to discuss the initiative.

We launched a Southern Freedomfighter: Sjefke Vaeren, a tongue in cheek reference to Ché Guevara. He rallied for people to sign the online petition through constant updates during the campaign.


Campaign links (Dutch)
Full campaign kickoff-video: View on Facebook

Example of video updates during campaign: View on Facebook

Offering petition to members of Dutch parliament: View on Facebook

Online custom poster generator: View on Facebook

Petition website (Dutch):


In the days after the launch, an unprecedented PR-storm took over. Our initiative became national news, and was discussed in virtually every talkshow and even the national news. Sjefke became a national hero and politicians were asked to speak up about the issue. In the end, Sjefke went to the national parliament and offered the petition to 2 highprofile politicians, causing a new mediastorm.


Key figures

• Reach: 43.5 million
• 76% Campaign awareness in region
• 172.218 signatures (330% above target)
• 312.725 website visits
• 55% conversion rate
• 4 million video views on Facebook & Youtube (5 days trending on Youtube)
• Hundred thousands of social interactions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
• PR value: €4.501.831
• + 8% top of mind awareness
• + 4% Brand consideration
• + 7% Brand preference

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